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Spring 2022 County Board Election

Apr 18, 2022

All 29 Eau Claire County Boards seats up for election

The filing deadline to run in the 2022 Spring Non-Partisan Elections has just passed. This election includes the county board, city council, school board, and judgeships. Many of the seats on the ballot are for the Eau-Claire County Board. The County Board has 29 members, with each member representing around 3,645 people. Each member represents one of the 29 districts and serves a two year term.

All 29 seats are up for election this spring. Below is a list of the candidates for each district:

District 1: Courtney Kneifl, Todd Meyer
District 2: Amanda Babb, Brent Knutson
District 3: Joe Knight (Incumbent), Gary Mizer
District 4: Stella Pagonis (Incumbent)
District 5: Carl Anton (Incumbent), Larry Hoekstra
District 6: Dane Zook (Incumbent)
District 7: Steve Chilson (Incumbent)
District 8: Kevin Stelljes (Incumbent), Cory Sisk
District 9: Donald Mowry (Incumbent),Allen Myren
​District 9 candidate information
District 10: Nancy Coffey (Incumbent), Dori Pulse
District 11: Nathan Otto (Incumbent), Tara Balts
District 12: David Lehmkuhl, Brett Geboy
District 13: Connie Russell (Incumbent)
District 14: Judy Gatlin (Incumbent), Wayne Peters
District 15: Nick Smiar (Incumbent), Joshua Naponiello
District 16: David Hirsch, Benaiah Stanley
District 17: Thomas Vue, Mary Sommerfeld
District 18: James Dunning (Incumbent), Matthew Lehner
District 18 candidate information
District 19: Gerald Wilkie (Incumbent), Kathleen Kivlin
District 20: Nathan Anderson (Incumbent), John Folstad
District 21: Mark Beckfield (Incumbent)
District 22: Katherine Schneider (Incumbent)
District 23: Robin Leary (Incumbent), Don Zwicker
District 24: Heather DeLuka (Incumbent), Lewis Titus
District 25: Jodi Lepsch, Brian Bauer
District 26: Tami Schraufnagel (Incumbent)
District 27: Trudy Grill, Kyle M. Johnson
District 28: Kimberly Cronk (Incumbent)
District 29: Missy Christopherson (Incumbent), Josh Stanley

Click here for a map of the current county districts. The spring election will be held on April 5th. Go to myvote.wi for more information on how to register to vote and where to vote. Be on the lookout for more voter education information from the Eau Claire Chamber. The Chamber does not endorse candidates, but in key races provides candidate questionnaires and other resources to learn their positions on important business and community issues.

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Posted by Danya Morman, Governmental Affairs Intern


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