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Young Professionals


The Young Professionals of Chippewa Valley is a personal and professional development program of the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce. Our organization encourages young leaders in our community to interact socially, exchange ideas, share common interests, and to grow personally & professionally. The Young Professionals of the Chippewa Valley began in September 2003 & continues to make a strong impact!


​Our YPCV Mission

To engage, educate & elevate young professionals by offering diverse opportunities for networking, professional development, and community involvement.

  • Inclusivity
  • Integrity
  • Aspiration
  • Fun!
  • Connect members with volunteer opportunities in the area
  • Partner with non-profit organizations
  • Attend educational programs created especially for the young professional
  • Participate in round-tables and training sessions featuring community leaders
  • Attend networking events featuring business and political leaders to introduce young professionals to important decision makers within the community
  • Participate in a variety of social events to expand contact base​

YPCV Mentorship Program

The YPCV Mentoring Program consists of face-to-face meetings and events throughout the program year, including discussions to set and track goals. YP will offer structured opportunities to connect (dates listed within the mentorship application) & mentorship matches are encouraged to touch base frequently between these events. Mentors and mentees are all required to be YPCV members in good standing.

Primary goals of this program being:

  • Developing insight needed for YP members to grow successfully in their career
  • Helping YP members to establish personal & professional goals
  • Assisting to build deeper relationships within our YP organization

**Applications are accepted in fall each year.**

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