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The Perspective: January Edition

January 12, 2022

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Eau Claire Highlighted for one of Wisconsin’s Most Influential Leaders for Equity Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, diversity, and inclusion is one thing that we pride ourselves on in the city of Eau Claire, and just recently one of our own city council members was recently named among the top forty eight most influential black leaders.

Dr. Jenise Briggs, the EDI coordinator from the City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire County, is the deserving recipient of this honor. She is paving the way for a great future not only for the city of Eau Claire, but for the state of Wisconsin and beyond. This is an honor to receive this award and we are humbled that she is a role model for all ages in our community, but specifically children. She states that “I want the kids here in Wisconsin to see role models of people who are succeeding, to know what’s possible for Black people to achieve great things here”.

She does an excellent job of maintaining that role model position as she shows integrity and intelligence when contributing to her community. Being the influential person of power that she is there is hope for the future of our community in Eau Claire and Wisconsin as we continue to grow and fight diversity issues.

At the Chamber we focus heavily on EDI issues through advocating for the community. We strive to be a resource for all of our community members and will always work to providing a safe and equitable environment for our residents.

To read more on Dr. Jenise Briggs and her role as an influential leader use the button below:


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