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EC School Board candidate information

There will be many candidates on the ballot in Spring 2022, including those running for the Eau Claire School Board. Seven candidates have filled for three seats which means there will be a primary on February 15th to narrow in down to six candidates. The Eau Claire School Board is composed of 7 members who are elected for a 3-year term. Of those members they select a President, Vice President, Clerk of Governance Officer, and a Treasurer. The terms for the School Board are staggered such that some of the seats are up for election each year.

As a civic organization representing the business community, the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce works to provide information on candidates for local office to help voters make wise choices. We have reached out to each candidate for EC School Board and asked them a few questions to learn more about why they are running and what makes them qualified. 

1.) Do you have a website or social media for more information?

Corey Cronrath:

Nicole Everson:

Stephanie Farrar: Stephanie Farrar for ECASD School Board (Facebook)

Josh Ingersoll: Josh Ingersoll Teacher Advocate for School Board(Facebook)

Marquell JohnsonMarquell Johnson for Eau Claire Area School District School Board (Facebook)

Tim NordinTim Nordin for Eau Claire Area School Board (Facebook)

Melissa Winter:

2.) What is your current position and background?

Corey Cronrath: I am a Physician Executive with non profit board experience. I currently sit on the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic Board of Directors. My leadership style is an authentic, servant leader. I developed and honed this skill as a Field Grade Officer in the US Army. I believe. Students BELONG in schools. Teachers have EARNED autonomy. Parents DESERVE a voice.

Nicole Everson: Currently work as an Outreach/Recruitment Coordinator and serve: State of Wisconsin Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 10+ years (Appointed by Walker and Evers), Executive Vice Chair Center for Independent Living Western Wisconsin – 4th year, Advisory Board Member- 12+ Years Wisconsin Deaf Blind Technical Assistance Project, Wisconsin VisionWalk Chair 14 years + Wisconsin Chapter, Eau Claire North Husky Football Club website administrator. My background consists of advocacy, volunteering, parenting, and contributing to the community. While having to deal with barriers and an extremely unique background, this has given me the tools to navigate a very complex situation.

Stephanie Farrar: As a daughter of a teacher and superintendent, I have dedicated my professional life to public education. I am Associate Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire where I teach American literature and Writing. I am currently a volunteer member of the ECASD Equity Steering Committee, and I previously advocated for the Dual Immersion Bilingual Education Program. My husband and I are parents of an ECASD first-grader and a pre-schooler. I have experienced the challenges of the pandemic as a both parent and a teacher and I am ready to work collaboratively on behalf of all kids.

Josh Ingersoll: I am a former teacher with ten years of classroom experience.

Marquell Johnson: This is my second year serving on the ECASD School Board. I was appointed to the ECASD School Board in May 2020 and re-elected to serve a 1-year term in April 2021. As a School Board Commissioner, I have advocated on behalf of both students and teachers when tasked with considering proposed policies and requests from district administrators and the community at large. I’m a Full Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Tim Nordin: I have served three years on the School Board, including two as Board president. I formerly taught high school science in a small district in southeast Iowa, and received a Ph.D. in Education policy from Rutgers in 2014. Beyond the school board, I have worked on a number of educational endeavors throughout the area, including teaching physics lessons for home-school students and leading a team in writing and receiving an $800,000 grant to open a new public charter school, Anthony Acres, within the School District of Mondovi.

Melissa Winter: I am an Eau Claire native and Mom of 5 children.  I am a dedicated Registered Nurse for twenty one years; listening, communicating, and advocating for families in the Chippewa Valley

3.) Why are you running for office? 

Corey Cronrath: There is no greater honor than giving back to the communities that have supported you.  Public education holds a special place in my heart.  Coming from a lower socioeconomic background, I was dependent on the public schools and the US military.  Today, I am a dual board certified physician with a Master in Public Health.  Now, it is time for me to give back!

Wisconsin Department of Instruction data shows a five year trend of declining graduation rates in the Eau Claire district.  I want to be part of the solution and provide the opportunity I had to others.

Nicole Everson: To put the PUBLIC back in PUBLIC Schools, we need to: Reverse the 5-year downturn in proficiency, create opportunities for all students to excel, eliminate divisive rhetoric and instruction, establish curriculum transparency, increase morale for staff/students in post COVID world, reverse decreasing enrollment to maintain budget, maximize financial resources directed toward curriculum and instruction, address taxpayers concerns and needs in referendum decisions. I am running fo school board to advocate for students above all else.

Stephanie Farrar: I believe public schools are the foundation of opportunity in this country. People with a demonstrated expertise in education are best positioned to do the work of improving achievement in our schools. Looking ahead to the upcoming referendum, I want to do my part to ensure all kids in the Eau Claire area have access to an excellent education that meets them where they are, and helps them achieve their full potential. I support investment in programs that enhance Eau Claire’s competitiveness as a region to retain and attract young people to build their lives here. Education is the profession that makes all professions possible.

Josh Ingersoll: To bring a teacher's voice to the table, to address redundancies in budget, and to deal with the effects of constant technological engagement that have gone unaddressed for too long. Back in the day, if you asked your mom, “Can I bring this thousand-dollar toy to school in my pocket?”  What do you think she’d say?  This new era snuck up on us all, and so quickly, and has changed so much of every aspect of life, yet for the most part we have ignored it.  We can’t afford to ignore it any longer.

Marquell Johnson: My efforts will center around the following areas: District Administrative accountability on meeting academic standards; supporting & promoting best practices of teachers and staff in district; fiscal responsibility of resources. Concerted efforts to address loss instructional time and enhanced learning opportunities for students, and proactive professional development for teachers and staff. Advocate for additional staffing/training and resources to assist families, students, and ECASD staff with mental health and self-care initiatives. Authentic examination of school district’s academic achievement gaps. Authentic examination and policy implementation to address both District wide and individual school climate concerns centered around equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

Tim Nordin: Over the last three years our board has created significant, positive change to focus primarily on student outcomes while removing barriers to student success. This allows the board to be active and hold the district accountable to student outcomes, preparing students to become productive members of the Eau Claire community. We have done this even while keeping committed to the safety of our students and community during the pandemic. I am running to continue to push our district forward as we emerge from these challenges to achieve great things for all our students and our community.

Melissa Winter: I want to be a voice for the EC community members who do not feel elected officials are listening to their thoughts and concerns.

The primary for this race will be held on February 15th and the general election with the six remaining candidates will be on April 5th. Go to myvote.wi for more information on how to register to vote and where to vote. Be on the lookout for more voter education information from the Eau Claire Chamber. The Chamber does not endorse candidates, but in key races provides candidate questionnaires and other resources to learn their positions on important business and community issues.

Posted by Danya Morman, Governmental Affairs Intern

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