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The Workforce Connector: February Weekly Edition

February 23, 2022

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Workplace Lesson from The University of Wisconsin - Madison Women’s Volleyball Team

This season was a very exciting season for the Badgers women’s volleyball team as they took the national title in the NCAA championship. Their drive and determination to be the best is evidently shown in their games and throughout the team, however, there are other components within the team that contribute to their success on the court.

For example, it is evident that their team has a lot of trust and reliability for each team member. This is crucial to forming bonds and trust within the team so that they can depend on each other during game-time to help one another and ultimately win. In the article, it talks about how no one would have seen a lack of effort, or support for the teammates as well as coaches yelling at players or bad attitudes anywhere present during their games.

This relates to the workplace environment because in order to be successful you have to wonder if you are doing anything wrong that is yielding poor results. Such as those related to the examples above but in the workplace setting, like yelling at your employee, having a bad attitude, or even not putting in the effort and being there for your co-workers when they need support. These foundational components are crucial for driving business success, and it is so clearly demonstrated by the volleyball team that when performed correctly, you can make amazing headway towards a healthy and successful team.

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For more information on the volleyball lesson for the workplace environment click on the link below.


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