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Black Women’s History Week

This week is Black Women’s History Week (February 28th through March 3rd). During this week we celebrate the intersectionality of Blackness and Womanhood that Black women embody. 

The Winters Group has great resources and information on what Black Women’s History Month is and additional information supporting their cause. One of their authors, Feminista Jones created some prompts to fill our week so that we can us to recognize and empower the Black Women in our communities! These are given in a daily reminder format so that you have a different thing to focus on for each day of the week. 

Here are the prompts that she provided: 

  1. Day one: A Black woman you admire
  2. Day two: A favorite moment in Black women’s history
  3. Day three: A Black woman you admire from another country
  4. Day four: A Black woman whose contributions have made your life better
  5. Day five: A powerful quote from a Black woman
  6. Day six: A dedicated self-celebration day for Black women 

Anyone and everyone are invited to take part in these activities as we celebrate Black Women’s History Month. When engaging in these activities, it is an opportunity to recommit to continue committing to allyship for the Black women community. 

Here is an inspiring quote from Mary-Frances Winters as we are focusing on the Black Women’s community during this week; 

“We are not looking for saviors. We need authentic support from white women and men in the form of allyship and powerbrokering. We want our voices to be heard, accepted, and validated, and we want actions to be taken that are specifically intended to dismantle systems of racism for Black women…we want you to know that we are fatigued from the struggle and we are asking you to listen to our call for justice and equity and despite it all, we are unstoppable.”

For more resources from The Winters Group please visit the link below!

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