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Associate Dean for Diversity at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Discusses the University’s Inclusion Goals

DeVon Wilson is the associate dean for diversity representing the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have been a very important and crucial staple for the Badger community. Advancing the way that they operate in order to feed an inclusive culture at the university is one of the main goals that Wilson has.

He currently works with the L&S senior leadership at the University of Wisconsin –  Madison to advance the college’s goals in relation to diversity in recruiting and retainment.

Some of the keynotes Wilson provided The Daily Cardinal within his interview were: 

  1. It is very important to create a diverse student body, especially in the college of liberal arts because that school represents the study of how people are impacted by the world, and how to use different perspectives to understand real-world problems.
  2. In regards to Black History Month, some of the efforts taken by the college include the reinforcing of activities through the strategic communications unit at the university to highligth students and faculty that are making an impact. They are additionally working with the Black Cultural Center to amplify their involvement in events and activities. 
  3. One step that the university is taking to increase the diversity on campus include implementing strong pipelines for enrolling diverse students. The collective goal is to increase the appeal to apply to Wisconsin through its values, programs, community, and affordability.
  4. Communication with students on DEI issues is crucial to maintaining and building a safe and supportive college environment. Their feedback is valued and should reflect the ability of the UW – Madison to make the Wisconsin Experience equitable for all students. 

These are some very important points that Wilson provided in his interview, however, if you would like to read into some of the specifics of implementing this plan please click on the link below to access the full article!

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