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Johnson Joins the WEDC Team with Goals to Build Entrepreneurship in Diverse Communities

Sharon Johnson is one of the newest members of the WEDC team as of January 2022. WEDC is the Wisconsin Economic Development Program and it is dedicated to Wisconsin’s economic growth. Sharon is an important factor in their program and brings the necessary potential to help them succeed. 

She strives to increase awareness of WEDC resources, as well as expand access to those unrepresented entrepreneurs. She wants to ensure that all people are able to get connected with the necessary resources and programs that are available to them and to utilize those programs to help them succeed. 

Recently, she found that there was very low awareness of the WEDC and what they offered when she attended a conference with over 60 vendors in attendance. During her experience there she stated that “When I’ve asked entrepreneurs of color if they’ve ever heard of WEDC, the Small Business Development Center or the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Center, the answer most likely is no—or if they have, they feel that those organizations won’t support them in their entrepreneurial journey at any stage”. This was shocking to Johnson, and she wanted to change the way that people viewed WEDC. 

After previous serving as the chief engagement officer for the economic empowerment collaboration in Madison, she knows that increasing engagement with available programs comes with equity. Equitable access should be deserved for everyone and is seen as a fair attribute to every individual looking for resources. With these focuses in mind, Johnson hopes to increase access and awareness of the program not just locally, but throughout the state of Wisconsin in a variety of communities. 

Johnson is reportedly excited to start her work at WEDC and has the energy and passion to make a difference and impact communities surrounding the state of Wisconsin. To read more on her journey, and time with WEDC please visit the link below!

The Chamber values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also have resources and staff that are equipped with DEI knowledge, and resources. If you would like to reach out to us or learn more about our initiatives please feel free to contact us!

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