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Mental Health Training for Business Professionals

On April 11th there is mental health training for business professionals at Oasis Church in Eau Claire. We strongly encourage business professionals to take advantage of this opportunity in order to accelerate their business operations and the internal well-being of their employees. 

Mental health is extremely important when considering the health of an individual and the health of a business. The employees and staff of an organization are the foundation of its success, and it is important that they are feeling positive and valued with their presence within the organization. Additionally, making sure that they feel healthy themselves and taking time to get the care that they need to perform optimally will further increase both their individual and organizational potential. 

This is a 60-90 minute event hosted in person by the QPR Institute in hopes to increase awareness of mental health signs and providing advice on how to support those struggling with mental health issues. Please make sure to refer to the flyer on how to sign up for the event!

The chamber aims to be a resource for helping individuals and businesses excel in their workforce issues from the business to the foundational staff. Please contact us if you would like to hear more information about events like these, or refer/ subscribe to our workforce connector newsletter!

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