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The Spring 2022 non-partisan elections were this past Tuesday, April 5th. On the ballot for Altoona residents included candidates for Districts 1, 2, and 3 for Altoona City Council along with the race for Altoona Mayor. Each candidate for these races ran unopposed. The City of Altoona is governed by a mayor and a 6 member city council, who all serve a 3 year term as of 2022 (the mayor will serve a 2 year term from 2022-2024 and then start serving 3 year terms starting in April 2024). Each City Council member is elected by districts, and each member represents about 1,270 people. 

All 4 races for the Altoona City Council were uncontested this year. Brendan Pratt was elected Mayor and Dale Stuber, Tim Lima, and Jon Olson were each elected for their respective districts.¬†District 3’s incumbent, Maria Guzman did not seek reelection.

Below are the results and vote counts for each race:

Mayor City of Altoona
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Brendan Pratt*64898.78%
Altoona Alderperson District 1
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Dale R. Stuber*11699.15%
Altoona Alderperson District 2
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Timothy Lima*7198.61%
Altoona Alderperson District 3
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Jon Olson9999.00%

Posted by Brianna Franke 

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