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The Spring 2022 non-partisan elections were this past Tuesday, April 5th. On the ballot for Altoona residents included candidates for Districts 1, 2, and 3 for Altoona City Council along with the race for Altoona Mayor. Each candidate for these races ran unopposed. The City of Altoona is governed by a mayor and a 6 member city council, who all serve a 3 year term as of 2022 (the mayor will serve a 2 year term from 2022-2024 and then start serving 3 year terms starting in April 2024). Each City Council member is elected by districts, and each member represents about 1,270 people. 

All 4 races for the Altoona City Council were uncontested this year. Brendan Pratt was elected Mayor and Dale Stuber, Tim Lima, and Jon Olson were each elected for their respective districts. District 3’s incumbent, Maria Guzman did not seek reelection.

Below are the results and vote counts for each race:

Mayor City of Altoona
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Brendan Pratt*64898.78%
Altoona Alderperson District 1
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Dale R. Stuber*11699.15%
Altoona Alderperson District 2
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Timothy Lima*7198.61%
Altoona Alderperson District 3
CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Jon Olson9999.00%

Posted by Brianna Franke 

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