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The Spring 2022 non-partisan elections were this past Tuesday, April 5th. For Altoona residents, there were three seats for the Altoona School Board on the ballot. Three candidates filed which means they were running unopposed. The Altoona School Board is composed of 5 members who are elected for a 3-year term and of those members they select a President, Vice President, Clerk, and Treasurer (similar to the Eau Claire School Board). The terms are staggered so some seats are up for elections each year.

The Altoona School Board seats were all uncontested. Jeremy Zook, Richard Hager, and Nicole Breed were elected. Board vice president Dan Gluch and board treasurer David Rowe did not run for reelection this spring. 

Below are the results and vote counts for this race:

CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Jeremy Zook*76734.58%
Richard Hager73533.14%
Nicole Breed69131.15%
Write-In Totals251.13%

Posted by Brianna Franke 

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