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The Spring 2022 non-partisan elections were this past Tuesday (April 5th). There were 8 candidates running for the 5 at-large Eau Claire City Council seats. The Eau Claire City Council includes 11 members who each serve a three-year term, including 5 elected by district, 5 elected at large, and 1 elected City Council President. Each official elected by district represents about 13,509 people and the City Council President represents about 67,545 people (or the whole City of Eau Claire). 

Charlie Johnson, Joshua Miller, Larry Mboga, Kate Beaton, and Roderick Jones won the election for the 5 at-large Eau Claire City Council seats, with both Beaton and Jones as incumbents. Bob Carr, Marck Richter, and Brian Trowbridge were unable to secure enough votes to be elected. 

Below are the results and the vote counts for this race:

CandidateTotal VotesVote Percentage
Kate Beaton6,75116.23%
Larry O. Mboga6,56415.78%
Joshua Miller5,92914.26%
Roderick Jones5,53213.30%
Charlie Johnson5,18812.47%
Bob Carr4,52610.88%
Brian Trowbridge4,34710.45%
Mark Richter2,4986.01%
Write-In Totals2570.62%

Posted by Brianna Franke 

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