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Spring 2022 Elections: Eau Claire School Board Results

The Spring 2022 non-partisan elections were this past Tuesday, April 5th. Three seats for the Eau Claire Area School Board were on the ballot. Originally there were seven candidates running for the three seats. A primary was held on February 15th to narrow it down to six candidates. Josh Ingersoll was eliminated in that primary. The Eau Claire School Board is composed of 7 members who are elected for a 3-year term. Of those members they select a President, Vice President, Clerk of Governance Officer, and a Treasurer. The terms for the School Board are staggered such that some of the seats are up for election each year.


Incumbents Tim Nordin (School Board President) and Marquell Johnson were re-elected along with newcomer Stephanie Farrar filling the third open seat. Opponents Corey Cronrath, Nicole Everson, and Melissa Winter were unable to secure enough votes. A total of 46,981 votes were cast for this race across Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn county. 


Below are the results and vote counts for this race:


Candidate Total Vote %
Time Nordin* 8846 18.83%
Stephanie Farrar 8497 18.09%
Marquell Johnson* 8492 18.08%
Nicole Everson 7111 15.14%
Melissa Winter 7063 15.03%
Corey Cronrath 6920 14.73%

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Posted by Danya Morman, Governmental Affairs Intern

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