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The Business Benefits of Increasing Diversity and Inclusion

There are many benefits to incorporating a sense of community with diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This article by Forbes highlights why it is so important to weave these values into a business to ensure a healthy and successful workplace environment. 

The real change within a company comes from within, and when it is properly executed, they have a greater likelihood for success stemming from those internal efforts. Since the employees and staff are the foundation of a business, caring for them first is crucial to increasing a desire to work diligently and passionately for the supporting business. 

However, it was found that some businesses only like to display diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts rather than facilitating that change within their workplace culture. This can wreak havoc on the internal relationships within staff and co workers because of lack of support. Essentially they are putting a bandaid on the problem to make it look better, however, there are still underlying issues that need to be resolved. 

Some of the benefits that Forbes proposed would happen when incorporating an increase of diversity and inclusion into the workplace culture were:

  1. Diversity and enhance the overall revenue
  2. Businesses have the ability to attract and retain talent
  3. Businesses will be able to empower and motivate their employees

These are very attractive traits that business owners look for when increasing the success and prosperity of their business. The power of these benefits are that they stem from the internal relationships and well being of the foundational attributes of a business.

So, Forbe’s additionally gave us some important steps to help us achieve that goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and they are:

  1. Encourage the creation of networking and support groups for employees
  2. Accommodate those with disabilities beyond what is legally required
  3. Have programs that allow people time off for various cultural and religious holidays 
  4. Have flexible work options for new parents
  5. Offer training and onboarding materials in multiple languages
  6. Create partnerships with other organizations focused on supporting and empowering underrepresented groups

This is a great resource for business professionals to refer to when evaluating how they can maximize their business potential through the integration of diversity and inclusion efforts. If you would like to read more about this article from Forbe’s, please click the button below! 

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