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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report 2021

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has released its annual report for its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for the past year of 2021. They have taken efforts to embrace elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their everyday tasks as an organization, and it shows in their organizational success. 

They believe that inclusiveness is at the heart of what they do and how they represent their organization through their work. These values are incorporated in all elements of their work operations from their journalism to their training activities and more! They believe that it requires an increased degree of openness when doing their jobs and taking information to respect a variety of different perspectives that they are exposed to. 

From the very beginning of their organization in 2009, they have built their foundation on the basis and inclusion of their diversity efforts. Their efforts consist of diversifying staff in different areas of race, age, and perspectives or worldviews. They strive to perform continuous reflection and evaluation of their business and foundation aspects so that they can continue to serve their community ethically.

Their pillars that are foundational to the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of the organization reportedly include:

  • Investigate and expose the histories and disparate impacts of systems on the lives of people of color
  • Explore solutions to problems not just through the perspectives of experts traditionally sought out by journalists, but also through the lived experiences of people who are finding ways to navigate existing societal systems.
  • Embrace antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusiveness in all of our journalism, and in our own newsroom, including collaborative efforts, the framing of news coverage and selection of news sources, plus in our training activities, hiring and retention practices, and workplace operations. 
  • Listen to your story ideas and welcome your contributions to our opinion and letters to the editor pages as forums for all voices. 

The Chamber is an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please contact us or navigate to our website for more information on the perspective publications or available resources. For more information on the report please visit the link below!

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