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New DEI Vice President at Old National Bank

Dwayne Maddox joins the team at Old National Bank as the vice president and director of diversity, equity, and inclusion. During his time at Old National Bank he will be bouncing between both the Madison office and the Chicago office. 

In the past, Dwayne has held marketing jobs in other companies such as Allstate Insurance, and with the shift to Old National Bank he believes that he can make a positive impact in relation to their DEI efforts. 

He states that “I’ll be taking over some of the strategy work in collaboration with the coalition as well as some of the execution around the core competencies for our organization for DEI. That can include everything from what we call impact groups, which some people call employee resource groups, to how we think about our business practices by product line and also around our philanthropy, community investment, community involvement, and so forth.”

Old National Bank has a very strong commitment to their diversity, equity, and inclusion sectors. They are dedicated to serve their communities both within and outside the office with equality and changing their workplace culture and operations so that it best reflects their ethical decision making. 

In the past year, Old National Bank ran into a deal of trouble when they allegedly only gave a small portion of mortgage loans to Black borrowers compared to the much higher numbers in the years before. This was a problem that concerned the bank and their values, and it was evident that they needed a shift. After this problem occurred, Old National Bank issued $27 million in loans to qualified Black applicants. Additionally, the bank gave $3 million in support for Black homeseekers with securing mortgages, along with investing resources into majority-black living areas/ neighborhoods. 

If you would like to read more about this shift, please navigate to the link below!

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