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Life Choices

Choices that are made in everyday life are what help dictate actions and paths that are taken. Life choices can range from what is decided for dinner, which movie to watch, where to go school, and what to study for a career. Some choices that are made can have a bigger impact on life than others.

Big life choices are very important and should not be taken lightly because big life choices can have a serious and long lasting impacts. When making major life choices, it’s important to consider the consequences and what affect they can have on you and other people. An example of a major life decision consequence is a child who went through a certain school system and made friends from that school system as a consequence of their parents settling down in a certain area.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela hopes,

“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.”

Life choices aren’t always easy to make. Acknowledging that fact, when people make big, noticeable choices in their life, it’s important to be supportive of their choices. When people make big and noticeable choices in their life, they knew there would be consequences and accepted them. We weren’t there when they made that choice and did not go through the decision making process with them. If the time is taken to understand why certain choices were made, we will become more understanding of what they went through and why the choices were made. 

Author of the book Beyond Talent: Become Someone Who Gets Extraordinary Results John C. Maxwell wrote,

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

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