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Welcoming New Employees

When new employees join a company’s workforce, welcoming them is an important step. When an employer welcomes new employees, they have a chance to make a good impression and show the new employees that they made a good choice to work with for them. If new employees don’t feel welcomed to the workforce, they will get a sense that the company has a toxic work culture and not stay as long.

The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Newcomer Event for new faculty members of UW- Eau Claire to give them a chance meet one another. UW-Eau Claire’s leadership team also used the event to welcome the faculty and helped them get settled in the area. All the new faculty members were grateful that they were being welcomed to the university and the area. One of the new faculty members shared,

“I moved here about a week ago with my family, and have been so impressed with how genuinely warm and welcoming everyone has been. I’m excited to start exploring Eau Claire, especially all the trails, parks, and green spaces.”

Welcoming new employees gives companies a chance to show gratitude and reinsure new employees that a great choice was made. To make sure the workforce leadership team welcomes new employees the best way possible, they can ask their workforce members about how welcomed they felt when they started and what improvements can be made. Developing a genuine welcoming plan will make all the difference for employee turnover and company success.

English playwright William Shakespeare wrote,

“Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.”

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