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New Travel Opportunities:

Thanks to more focus on public transportation in the Chippewa Valley, Sun Country Airlines is coming to the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport. This airline will begin in December of 2022 and will allow residents of the Chippewa Valley to have access to major vacation locations and larger airport locations around the Mid-West and other states. This major access to public transportation will also help lead the way to making major changes to Chippewa Valley Workforce.

A struggle many workforce members and employers have is access to transportation. Since many communities rely heavily on cars, reside in rural areas, and have a larger population of lower income workforce members, public transportation doesn’t always have necessary funding to be accessible to everyone who needs it. This project can help lead the way to more accessible public transportation options for those who struggle to access transportation. This airline project will also lead the way for helping companies and community workforce members expand.

Since rural communities struggle to attract talent, grow their workforce, and keep up with changes in the economy, rural communities often have a struggling economy. When rural communities have access to long distance travel options, they can attract more people to their community and find ways to grow their community and adapt to changes in the economy. Workforce members who live in rural communities have families that need a healthy community. Access to long distance travel can help workforce members keep their community healthy

Former United States Representative Robert Brady spoke,

“There can be no doubt that the transportation sector is the most critical sector of our economy.”

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