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The August 9th primary has passed which now leaves voters and candidates gearing up for the midterm election on November 8th. For Chippewa Valley Residents, there are several county wide races including Eau Claire County Sheriff and County Clerk of Circuit Court are on the ballot. Assembly Districts 67, 68, 69, 75, 91, 92, 93 are all up this year as well as State Senate Districts 23, 25, and 31. There are a few Federal Races as well, including House of Representatives District 3 and one US Senate seat. Other State Elections include Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer.

To register to vote, find your voting location, view a sample ballot and more, go to myvote.wi 

This page will serve as a guide to all things election and will continuously be updates with new information to keep you informed. 

Eau Claire Referendums

Both the City of Eau Claire and the Eau Claire School District will have tax levy referendums on the ballot this November. At a Chamber-sponsored, recorded forum, City and School District leaders provided information and answered questions about what's on the ballot, tax implications for property owners, and how the additional revenue would be used.

Video: Click here to view the Chamber Referendum Forum

City of Eau Claire Referendum


Eau Claire School District Referendum


Eau Claire County Races

There are two county wide races on the ballot this fall which are Eau Claire County Sheriff and County clerk of Circuit Court. A Democratic Primary was requires for the Sheriff race in which Dave Riewestahl secured the Democratic nomination. The candidate for County Clerk of Circuit Court, Susan Schaffer, will be running unopposed.

Eau Claire County Sheriff Candidates

Dave Riewestahl-Democrat (Website)

Don Henning-Republican (Website)

Eau Claire County Clerk of Circuit Court Candidates

Susan Schaffer (Incumbent)-Democrat (Website)

Wisconsin State Senate Races

The odd numbered State Senate Districts are up for election this year. For the Chippewa Valley, Districts 23, 25 and 31 are up. A primary was needed for District 23 where candidate Jesse James secured the spot, and will be unopposed in the general election due to no Democratic or other party challenger. Incumbent for the 23rd District Kathy Bernier (R-Chippewa Falls)and the incumbent for the 25th district, Janet Bewley (D-Mason) will both be retiring. Links to candidate questionnaires are given below.

District 23 Candidates

 Senate District 23 Candidate Questionnaire

Jesse James-Republican (Website)

District 25 Candidates

Good Government Council: Senate District 25 Candidate Questionnaire

Romaine Quinn-Republican (Website)

Kelly Westlund-Democrat (Website)

District 31 Candidates

Senate District 31 Candidate Questionnaire

David Estenson-Republican (Website)

Jeff Smith (Incumbent)-Democrat (Website)

Wisconsin State Assembly

Every Assembly seat is up for election this year. Districts 67, 68, 69, 75, 91, 92, and 93 all cover parts of the Chippewa Valley. Republican primaries were needed for District 68 and 92 in which the candidates who won were Karen Hurd and Treig Pronschinske respectively. For District 75, Incumbent David Armstrong is running unopposed. Links to candidate questionnaires are given below.

District 29 Candidates

Clint Moses (Incumbent) - Republican (Website)

Danielle Johnson - Democrat (Website)

District 67 Candidates

 Assembly District 67 Candidate Questionnaire

Rob Summerfield (Incumbent)-Republican (Website)

Jason Bennett-Democrat (Website)

District 68 Candidates

 Assembly District 68 Candidate Questionnaire

Karen Hurd-Republican (Website)

Nate Otto-Democrat (Facebook)

District 69 Candidates

Lisa Boero-Democrat (Website)

Dona Rozar (Incumbent)-Republican (Website)

District 75 Candidates

Good Government Council: Assembly District 75 Candidate Questionnaire

David Armstrong (Incumbent)-Republican (Website)

District 91 Candidates

Assembly District 91 Candidate Questionnaire

Jodi Emerson (Incumbent)-Democrat (Website)

Josh Stanley-Republican (Website)

District 92 Candidates 

Treig Pronschinske (Incumbent)-Republican (Website)

Maria Bamonti-Democrat (Website)

District 93 Candidates

Assembly District 93 Candidate Questionnaire

Warren Petryk (Incumbent)-Republican (Website)

Alison Page-Democrat (Website)

Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District

Every House of Representative seat is up for election this year, and the 3rd Congressional District will be up for grabs with Incumbent Democrat Ron Kind not seeking reelection. The 3rd Congressional District covers much of the Chippewa Valley as well as South Western Wisconsin and parts of Central Wisconsin. A Democratic primary was needed where Brad Pfaff, a State Senator from Lacrosse, secured the nomination. The republican candidate, Derrick Van Orden, ran in 2020 and narrowly lost to Kind.

3rd Congressional District Candidates

Brad Pfaff-Democrat (Website)

Derrick Van Orden-Republican (Website)

Wisconsin Federal Senate Race

One Federal Senate seat is on the ballot for Wisconsin. All Wisconsin voters will be able to vote in this race. Senate members are elected for six year terms and every two years 1/3 of the seats are up for election. Primaries were needed for both parties where Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes won the Democratic nomination and Incumbent Ron Johnson secured the Republican nomination.

Candidates for Senate 

Mandela Barnes-Democrat (Website)

Ron Johnson (Incumbent)-Republican (Website)

Wisconsin Statewide Races

There are several statewide races this year for including Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, and Secretary of State. Every voter in Wisconsin will be able to vote in these races.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

A Republican primary was needed in August for Governor, where Tim Michels won the spot, and will go up against Democratic candidate and incumbent Tony Evers in November. for Lieutenant Governor, both Democratic and Republican primaries were needed where Sara Rodrigues and Roger Roth respectively won the spots.Lieutenant Governor Incumbent Mandela Barnes will not be seeking reelection and instead is running for Senate.

Governor Candidates 

Tony Evers (Incumbent)-Democrat (Website)

Tim Michels-Republican (Website)

Lieutenant Governor Candidates

Sara Rodriguez-Democrat (Website)

Roger Roth-Republican (Website)

Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer

Other than Governor, there are several other state offices on the ballot. For Attorney General, a Republican primary was needed, where Eric Toney won the nomination, and will face Democrat Incumbent Josh Kaul in November. For Secretary of State, both a Democratic and Republican Primary was needed and the winners of each race, Doug La Follette and Amy Loudenbeck, will face each other and Libertarian candidate Neil Harmon. For State Treasurer, there will also be a Democratic and Republican Primary and the winners, Aaron Richardson and John Leiber, will face each other and Constitution Party candidate Andrew Zuelke. State Treasurer incumbent Sarah Godlewski will not seek reelection and instead ran for Senate.

Attorney General Candidates 

Josh Kaul (Incumbent)-Democrat (Website)

Eric Toney-Republican (Website)

Secretary of State Candidates 

Doug La Folette (Incumbent)-Democrat (Website)

Amy Lynn Loudenbeck-Republican (Website)

Neil Harmon-Libertarian (Facebook)

State Treasurer Candidates

Aaron Richardson-Democrat (Website)

John Leiber-Republican (Website)

Andrew Zuelke-Constitution

More Information
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Posted by Danya Morman, Governmental Affairs Intern

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