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Workforce Summit Topics:

On November 16th, The Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Workforce Solutions Summit to discuss important topics related to the workforce community in the Eau Claire area. This year’s topics of discussion can really help employers in the area learn how they can keep the workplace environment healthy so they can continue to carry out their company’s mission.

One of the topics that will be covered is the importance of caring for existing staff. It costs way more to hire new staff repeatedly then it does to keep existing staff. When an employer starts to view their employees as assets rather than liabilities, the mindset of the company’s leadership team will shift and view their employees in a more positive manner. Join us in learning more about the importance of understanding and addressing employee mental health.

Another topic the Summit will discuss is how employers can review and revamp their recruitment process. When a company’s recruitment process is outdated or is in need of revisions, it can hurt the company in a number of ways. Potential employees might get a bad impression of employers if the recruitment process isn’t welcoming. If the recruitment process takes too long, potential employees might lose interest and move on to different employers in the area. If employers take the time to update how they recruit new employees, they will remain competitive in their industry.

Another important topic that will be discussed is the decision-maker shift in mindset. As employers, it’s important to be prepared to make big decisions that can really alter the company’s course of action. When employers make these kinds of decisions, it can really affect their workforce’s work ethic, mind-set, motivation, and how they view their employer. When necessary shifts are made in the decision-making process, barriers are broken down and solutions can be discussed and implemented in a more efficient manner.

Tackling barriers to employment will be another big topic discussed during the summit. At the summit, employers and community leaders will have the chance to learn and discuss the common barriers to employment in the Eau Claire area, and offer solutions and insight on how to tackle them. 

The final topic that will be discussed is the available resources to move businesses forward. Every company’s goal is to move forward in production, growth, development, and make necessary changes. In order to achieve those goals, community resources will be needed. When community resources are shared with employers who need them, our local businesses and organizations can collaborate and thrive.

Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde wrote,

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”

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