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Exploring Entrepreneurship, Community Engagement, and Collaborative Initiatives: A Podcast Discussion with Dave Minor and Dr. David Usher

We've got some exciting news from the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce – our very own President and CEO, Dave Minor, recently was invited to sit down for a lively chat on the Dr. Usher Weighs In podcast! The dynamic duo delved into intriguing topics affecting our community and beyond.

  1. Recessions and Rising Start-ups:

Dave Minor and Dr. David Usher touch on the relationship between recessions and the surge in start-ups. As Dave Minor explains, challenging economic times often fuel the entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. The Local Volunteer Dilemma:

Ever wondered why it seems challenging to find volunteers for local initiatives? This common challenge that many communities face is explored along with the factors contributing to the volunteer shortage.

  1. Chamber Collaboration with ReforMedicine:

One of the biggest highlights of this episode is the discussion on the Eau Claire Chamber's collaboration with ReforMedicine. Dave Minor shares how partnerships like these contribute to the overall well-being of our community. Learn about the impactful projects and initiatives that have stemmed from this collaboration and how it aligns with the Chamber's mission to foster a thriving business community.


**More information about this partnership with ReforMedicine will be announced at the Annual Meeting, Eau What a Night, on January 24, 2024!


Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce – where community meets collaboration!

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