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Spring elections are coming up on April 2, 2024. The last day to file for candidacy was January 2nd.

Here are the local offices that have positions with terms ending in the spring.

Eau Claire City Council

Eau Claire City council's Aldermanic districts are up for election this year. Jeremy Gragert and Jill Christopherson have filed Noncandidacy paperwork. There will not be any primaries for this race. The following people are running:

District 1: Jessica Schoen (I)

District 2: Emily Anderson (I) and Brian Trowbridge

District 3: Aaron Brewster

District 4: Clara Serrano

District 5: Andrew Werthmann (I) and Mary Catherine Partlow

More information
Eau Claire City Council Website
Eau Claire City Council Aldermanic districts

Eau Claire County Supervisors

All 29 district are up for election this spring. The following incumbents have submitted Declarations of Candidacy:

Joe Knight (3), Stella Pagonis (4), Larry Hoekstra (5), Dane Zook (6), Steve Chilson (7), Cory Sisk (8), Allen Myren (9), Nancy Coffey (10), Brett Geboy (12), Connie Russell (13), Kirk Dahl (14), Nick Smiar (15), David Hirsch (16), Thomas Vue (17), James A. Dunning (18), Gerald "Jerry" Wilkie (19), John Folstad (20), Mark Beckfield (21), Katherine Schneider (22), Robin Leary (23), Heather Deluka (24), Tami Schraufnagel (26).

The following non-incumbents have filed Declarations of Candidacy:

Caleb Aichele (1), Brent Knutson (2), Deirdre Jenkins (2), Chris Connell (3),  Joe D. Olson (4), Keith Stearns (10), Michele Magadance Skinner (11), Carl Piecuch (13),  John Fox (16), John Staber (17), Jacob Hackbarth (18), Jasmine Case (20), Matthew Lehner (22), Kyle Polzin (23), Josh Zeug (24), Christy Tomczak (25), Randal J. Hill (25), Tim Hallett Jr. (27), Sam Owens (28), Jim Schumacher (28), Regina Bataineh (29), and Bob Swanson (29).

Amanda Babb (2), Nathan Otto (11), Jodi Lepsch (25), Kyle Johnson (27), Kimberly A. Cronk (28), and Missy Christopherson (29) have filed a notification of noncandidacy.

More Information
Eau Claire County Board Election Information
County Board Districts

City of Altoona

The position of Mayor is up for election in Altoona. Currently the position is held by Brendan Pratt. He is the only one running for the position.

More information
City Council Members

Town of Washington Town Board

Town of Washington Town Board has two of five seats up for election. The current members are Karen Tomesh and Jeffrey White.

More information
Town Board website

Village of Fall Creek Village Board

The Village of Fall Creek will have three of its seven village board seats up for election in the spring. The current members are Ryan Aylesworth, Chester Goodman, and Sheena Kaatz. The following people will be on the ballot in the spring:

Bob Longwitz
Josiah Kleven
Ryan R. Aylesworth (I)
Bryan Kaatz
Curt Strasburg

More information

Village Board website

Eau Claire Area School Board

Two of seven seats will be up for election in the spring. There will be no primary for this race as there are not more then four people running. The following people will be on the ballot:

Joshua Clements (I)
Erica Zerr (I)
Heidi J. Harings
Kathleen Kivlin

More information
Eau Claire Area School Board Election Information

Altoona School Board

There will be one of five seats up for election in the spring. The seat is currently held by Rick Risler, who is not running for re-election. The following people will be running:

Nathan Simonson
James Myren

More information
Altoona School Board Election Information

Fall Creek School Board

Fall Creek School Board will have two of its five seats up for election. The current members are Eric Ryan and Courtney Kneifl. Both plan on running for reelection.

More information
School Board Agendas


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