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When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024; polls open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Find your voting location at myvote.wi. All absentee ballots must be requested by March 28th, 2024 and turned in no later than 8:00 p.m. on April 4th either by mail or dropped off in-person. In-Person absentee voting will start Tuesday, March 19th and end Friday, March 29th. This will take place at City Hall. You can vote Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you plan to vote by mail, voters are strongly encourage to mail their ballots as soon as possible to ensure their ballot is received by the deadline.

What it’s about: There are 45 candidates running for the 29 seats this April. The Eau Claire City Council includes 29 members who each serve a two-year term. The candidates include:


District 24          Heather DeLuka (Incumbent), Josh Zeug


Who can vote: The election is open to all eligible voters in the Eau Claire Area School District.

Where you vote and who is on your ballot:

Go to
Enter your voting address to learn which races are on your ballot and where you vote.

Why this questionnaire: The Good Government Council (GGC) is a committee of the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce dedicated to encouraging voter participation and providing members of the business community with non-biased information about candidates’ positions on important issues. Although the Chamber is active in policy issues, it is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates.

Candidate Responses:

1. What are your background and qualifications for this position, and what value will you bring to the County Board personally?

Heather DeLuka

I have lived in the Chippewa Valley for 49 years. Graduated from UWEC with advanced degrees. Public teacher for 33 years. I retired in Eau Claire because of its diverse services and have been a homeowner/taxpayer for 25 years.

I am a strong advocate for citizen involvement in community issues. I have been the Airport Neighborhood Assn. Pres. connecting citizens to government and assisting with area issues. My initial service began with city committees guiding future growth through the comprehensive plan process, zoning code review, Empower Eau Claire and advocacy for specific issues in District 24.

My goal as a County Board supervisor is to advocate for quality of life issues, keep constituents informed of county programs, evaluate the budget and allow citizen input into how our county develops and functions. I am focused on my service by preparing for meetings and I have never missed a county board meeting in 8 years. District 24 will always be represented.

Josh Zeug

I have been active in previous public service commissions. This includes parks, land use and zoning. I am also active in emergency services here in the Chippewa Valley. Being active in the business community I am able to meet many business owners and leaders and learn what issues they face in the county.

2. What should the County’s role be in responding to the healthcare crisis created by the HSHS and Prevea closings?

Heather DeLuka

Our recent hospital closures/medical clinics has made citizens in our area more vulnerable. Access to consistent health care is imperative. We see the cascading effects of job losses, cancelled procedures and residents trying to find new physicians.

The Chippewa Valley is known for their quick action and innovative ideas to find solutions for difficult problems. Within 24 hours, the HSHS/Prevea Recovery Task Force was formed to find new medical providers to cover the gaps in care and to support our remaining hospitals in expanding care capabilities. EC County has been a partner networking with that Task Force.

Economic impact to the county budget: Up to $1million to transport psychiatric patients 180 miles to the nearest care facility. 1,400 jobless workers will need assistance if they can not secure work or they may leave the area. Anticipating these extra expenses, EC County may need to hold job vacancies, CIP projects and use general fund balance to cover these extra costs.

Josh Zeug

Working to find alternatives to our shortage of hospital beds and jobs. As a first responder, I see the need for these services in our community. Eau Claire is a hub for medical services. These hospitals were a large employer to our area. They also provided taxes to our County. They brought people from other areas here to live and shop. The county should not stand in the way of current hospitals expanding the services they provide to accommodate the needs of the community.

3. What is the County Board’s role in promoting economic development, business maintenance and commercial growth in the county?

Heather DeLuka

Locales that have good schools, stable job market, diverse housing, green spaces and areas for recreation attract new residents and businesses. All of these help build a strong economy, increase the tax base and allows the community to provide the necessary services to their citizens.

The West Central WI Regional Planning Commission annually updates our economic profile and Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) plan.  It administers the economic development loan programs for existing and new businesses. It also assists in securing funding for public work projects.

EC County recently created an Economic Development Committee. The committee review/identify economic needs and works to improve the industrial/commercial climate in the county; collaborate/support EC County Economic Development Corp. and other economic development groups that support EC County; and execute/monitor progress of the development goals/objective set in the EC County Comprehensive Plan.

Josh Zeug

The County Board needs to provide policies that make it a benefit to move here and grow our current businesses. One entity does not have all the power to fix these issues. It is working with the Economic Development Corporation, business leaders and area Chamber of Commerce to see what we can do to make Eau Claire County continue to prosper going forward.

4. How and on which issues and services should Eau Claire County work more collaboratively with the municipalities in its jurisdiction?

Heather DeLuka

Currently, Eau Claire County has multiple special committees that work with other municipalities.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Requests for counties to assist with emergency medical service is a growing trend. Municipalities have different arrangements for ambulance service and first responders. Counties have the authority to provide countywide emergency services. Committee is to evaluate, identify options and make a recommendation for county involvement.

Broadband Committee: Resolution approved by the County Board of Supervisors to create a special committee to review and develop strategies to expand broadband services in EC County.

Josh Zeug

No comment at this time.

5. What should the County’s role be through its DHS department in working with the City of Eau Claire and other municipalities on issues related to mental health and the unhoused population?

Heather DeLuka

DHS provides state and federally mandated human services to the most vulnerable and needy residents of Ec County. Our programs serve abused and neglected children, adults and children with mental illness, adults and children with developmental disabilities, youth offenders, adults and youth with alcohol and other drug problems, and children, youth and adults in need of residential/institutional care. Plus the agency is responsible for the protection of vulnerable adults and adults at risk.

DHS has social workers that are on call to assist law enforcement when dealing with citizens that present with mental health issues. They provide the skills to help deescalate the situation, evaluate the citizen's needs and offer advice on the best protocol for the situation.

DHS works with the jail inmates and the unhoused to assist in evaluation for mental health and defining program protocol. Plus, they assist inmates to prepare for a successful release and adapting back into society.

Josh Zeug

The Counties role is the need to have an open line of communication of what these municipalities need and see in their given communities. This department has the highest expenditures in the County. The county’s role needs to be accountability on what is spent to help in these issues.


Posted by Mallory Williams Governmental Affairs Intern

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