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When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024; polls open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Find your voting location at myvote.wi. All absentee ballots must be requested by March 28th, 2024 and turned in no later than 8:00 p.m. on April 4th either by mail or dropped off in-person. In-Person absentee voting will start Tuesday, March 19th and end Friday, March 29th. This will take place at City Hall. You can vote Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you plan to vote by mail, voters are strongly encourage to mail their ballots as soon as possible to ensure their ballot is received by the deadline.

What it’s about: There are 45 candidates running for the 29 seats this April. The Eau Claire City Council includes 29 members who each serve a two-year term. The candidates include:


District 29          Bob Swanson, Regina Bataineh


Who can vote: The election is open to all eligible voters in the Eau Claire Area School District.

Where you vote and who is on your ballot:

Go to
Enter your voting address to learn which races are on your ballot and where you vote.

Why this questionnaire: The Good Government Council (GGC) is a committee of the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce dedicated to encouraging voter participation and providing members of the business community with non-biased information about candidates’ positions on important issues. Although the Chamber is active in policy issues, it is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates.

Candidate Responses:

1. What are your background and qualifications for this position, and what value will you bring to the County Board personally?

Bob Swanson

I have been a public servant most of my career as a Navy Veteran, teacher, and accountant working for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. I am currently a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and Feed My People. My roles in public service have put me in contact with a wide variety of people. I feel I’m a good listener and quick learner which will serve me well as a county supervisor.

2. What should the County’s role be in responding to the healthcare crisis created by the HSHS and Prevea closings?

Bob Swanson

I believe the County Board’s role should be working as a team with public and private entities in the state to maintain some stability during this transitional period.

3. What is the County Board’s role in promoting economic development, business maintenance and commercial growth in the county?

Bob Swanson

The County Board should be an active voice for the promotion of responsible business opportunities for owners and their employees. We should be thinking long term sustainable goals for business employees versus short term profits for owners.

4. How and on which issues and services should Eau Claire County work more collaboratively with the municipalities in its jurisdiction?

Bob Swanson

I’ve addressed the HSHS and Prevea issue above. In addition, our roads and infrastructure should be a priority if we want to attract businesses to our community. We need to collaborate with other business and governmental entities to accomplish this. Also, good schools and clean water attract businesses and people (think workforce) to our community.

5. What should the County’s role be through its DHS department in working with the City of Eau Claire and other municipalities on issues related to mental health and the unhoused population?

Bob Swanson

Eau Claire County has a responsibility to the underserved people who live here. Most of the issues dealing with underserved people is temporary so we need to give them a helping hand to get them through the tough times. I’ve worked with Sojourner and recognize we can’t fix every problem, but we can do a lot to alleviate short term physical and mental issues.


Posted by Mallory Williams Governmental Affairs Intern

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