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Election & Voting Information

This page includes general information about elections.

For the latest on upcoming elections and other advocacy-related information, check our regularly updated Advocacy blog.

​Good Government Council
The Good Government Council (GGC), a committee of the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce, was formed to act as a focal point for voluntary political involvement by the business community and other interested individuals in the Eau Claire area. One of the main objectives of the GGC is to learn about candidates’ positions on various issues and inform and educate our members.

For each election, the Good Government Council sends out questionnaires for contested races for City Council in Altoona and Eau Claire; School Board in Altoona and Eau Claire; Eau Claire County Board, and local Wisconsin Assembly and Senate races.

Election Dates

3rd Tuesday in February

  • Nonpartisan Primary Election, if necessitated by the number of candidates for an office in Spring Election
  • Referendum (a), if any

1st Tuesday in April

  • Presidential Preference Election (every four years)
  • Eau Claire City Council
    Council President: 2020 and every 3 years
    District Seats:  2021 and every 3 years
    At Large:  2022 and every 3 years
  • Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors: even years
  • Referendum, if any

2nd Tuesday in August

  • Fall Partisan Primary
  • Referendum, if any

Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November

  • Partisan General Election
    US President every four years
    US Senators every six years
    US Representatives’ seats elected Fall of even years
    WI Governor every four years
    Odd State Senate Districts with WI Governor
    Even State Senate Districts with US President
    State Assembly: even years.
  • Referendum, if any

Voting Information Links
List of offices on the upcoming ballot located on the Wisconsin Elections and Ethics Commissions website.

Information on the City of Eau Claire Elections Office.

Information on voting in Eau Claire including where to vote and absentee voting.

View a map from the City of Eau Claire of the five aldermanic districts.

View a map of the City of Eau Claire voting wards.

For more information on your registration, your polling place, or the status of a provisional vote you recently cast go to Voter Public Access.

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