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Eau Claire School Board election
Some of the seats on the ballot for the April 5th election include those for the Eau Claire and Altoona School Board. The Eau Claire School Board is composed of 7 members who are elected for a 3-year term. Of those members they select a President, Vice President, Clerk of Governance Officer, and a Treasurer. The terms for the School Board are staggered such that some of the seats are up for election each year.

Seats for the Eau Claire School Board will be contested. The current candidates include:

  • Corey Cronrath
  • Tim Nordin (Incumbent)
  • Marquell Johnson (Incumbent)  
  • Stephanie Farrar 
  • Melissa Winter 
  • Nicole Everson 

For more information on each of the candidates click here. The longest serving school board member Aaron Harder has filed a declaration of non-candidacy and will not be running again. 

Altoona School Board election
The Altoona School Board is composed of 5 members who are elected for a 3-year term and of those members they select a President, Vice President, Clerk, and Treasurer (similar to the Eau Claire School Board). The terms are staggered so some seats are up for elections each year. 

There are three seats open for the Altoona School Board and three people will be running. The candidates include:

  • Jeremy Zook (incumbent)
  • Richard Hager
  • Nicole Breed

Board vice president Dan Gluch and board treasurer David Rowe will not be seeking reelection this spring. 

The spring election will be on April 5th. Go to myvote.wi for more information on how to register to vote and where to vote. Be on the lookout for more voter education information from the Eau Claire Chamber. The Chamber does not endorse candidates, but in key races provides candidate questionnaires and other resources to learn their positions on important business and community issues. 

More Information
Spring school board races will be contested (Leader-Telegram $)

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Posted by Danya Morman, Governmental Affairs Intern

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