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Even though the November general election has just passed, it is time to get ready for the spring elections. The filing deadline to run is January 3rd, and candidates begin to circulate nomination forms in December. The candidates that will be running for office will officially be known on January 4th, 2023.

Unlike the partisan general elections in November where candidates run under a political party, the spring elections are nonpartisan. Spring elections often receive less media coverage than fall elections, but they are just as important, and have a direct impact on local communities. Offices that are up for election in the spring are the State Supreme Court, intermediate appellate courts, school boards, and municipal government offices.

The Spring Primaries Election will be on February 21, 2023, if needed, and the spring election will be on April 4, 2023. Primaries will happen if there are more than two candidates per office on the ballot.

To register to vote, find your voting location, view a sample ballot and more, go to myvote.wi 

For information on when early voting is and how it works go here.

This page will serve as a guide to all things election and will continuously be updates with new information to keep you informed.

The following are important local offices that will have elections on April 4th, 2023.

Judicial Elections

There will be an election for both a new Supreme Court Justice as well as two seats for intermediate appellate court judges. The Supreme Court and appellate judges rule on if court procedures were carried out properly, and if the correct verdict was reached.

Supreme Court

Court of Appeals

Municipal Councils and Boards

In Eau Claire the City Council is the legislative body and exercises legislative and general ordinance powers for the City. In general, it is the responsibility of city councils/town boards appoint commissions and boards, adopt the city budget, set appropriate tax levies and much more. This means who is on the city council/town boards, immediately impacts the lives of those living in these cities. How exactly the city council is run differs from city to city.

Eau Claire City Council

Altoona City Council

Town of Washington Town Board

Village of Fall Creek Village Board

School Boards

School boards are the governing body that oversees the school district's operation. Some of their duties include setting policies, standards for academic performance, and financial decisions. The total number of seats on a school board, and the number of seats up for election each year varies by district.

Altoona School Board

Good Government Questionnaire: Altoona School Board

Eau Claire Area School District Board of Education

Good Government: Eau Claire School Board

Fall Creek School Board


There will be three state referendums, one by Eau Claire County and one for Altoona School District. To find out which referendums will be on your ballot go to myvote.wi.


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Posted by Emily Johnston Governmental Affairs Intern

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