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Eau Claire County Board Election Information 2024

Eau Claire County consists of 29 districts with one person representing each district on the county board. All 29 seats are up every two years. The County Board of Supervisors has legislative and executive powers. They oversee county departments and can pass or repeal laws, or ordinances and are responsible for the county budget.

Good Government Council Questionnaire: The Good Government Council (GGC) is a committee of the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce dedicated to encouraging voter participation and providing members of the business community with non-biased information about candidates’ positions on important issues. Although the Chamber is active in policy issues, it is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates.

Find your district at this link.
Or go to and enter your address for a sample ballot, which will show your district and candidate(s).

Click on the district number below to see candidate answers.

The following are those who will be on the ballot in each district:
(Note:  Candidates marked with * did not respond to the questionnaire. Unopposed candidates who responded to the Questionnaire are grouped on one page.)
(I) - Incumbent

District 1          Caleb Aichele*, Todd Meyer (Registered write-in candidate)

District 2         Brent Knutson, Deidre Jenkins

District 3         Joe Knight (I), Chris Connell (Facebook Page)

District 4          Stella Pagonis (I), Jon D. Olson*

District 5           Larry Hoekstra (I)*

District 6          Dane Zook (I)

District 7           Steve Chilson (I)*

District 8           Cory Sisk* (I) Facebook Page*

District 9           Allen Myren* (I)

District 10        Nancy Coffey (I) (Facebook Page), Keith Stearns*

District 11          Michele Magadance Skinner*

District 12         Brett Geboy (I)

District 13          Connie Russell* (I), Carl Piecuch*

District 14         Kirk V. Dahl (I)

District 15         Nick Smiar (I)

District 16           David Hirsch* (I) (Facebook Page) , John Fox*

District 17          John Staber (Facebook Page), Thomas Vue* (I) (Facebook Page)

District 18          James A. Dunning (I), Jacob E. Hackbarth*

District 19           Gerald Jerry Wilkie (I)

District 20           Jasmine Case, John Folstad (I)

District 21             Mark Beckfield* (I)

District 22            Katherine Schneider (I) (Facebook Page), Matthew Lehner (Facebook Page)

District 23            Robin J. Leary (I), Kyle Polzin* (Facebook Page)

District 24            Josh Zueg (Facebook Page), Heather DeLuka (I) (Facebook Page)

District 25             Randal J. Hill*, Christy L. Tomczak*

District 26            Tami Schraufnagel (I)

District 27            Loralee Clark, Tim Hallet Jr.*

District 28            Sam Owens, Jim Schumacher*

District 29            Regina Bataineh*, Bob Swanson

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county board district map


Election Timeline

April 2, 2024: Spring Election

April 16, 2024: Council Organizational Meeting
Newly elected members take their seats on the Council

More Information

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Watch for more candidate information from the Eau Claire Chamber as the election progresses.


Posted by Mallory Williams, Governmental Affairs Intern

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